The Puffins have left for this year and will return next April.  We now offer kayak circumnavigations of Herm on suitable tides.  An unforgettable experience for £45 per person.

August dates for circumnavigations of Herm
7th  1300
8th 0900   1400
9th 1000 1500
*10th 1100
11th 1330
13th 1430
14th 1500
22nd 1215
23rd  1300
24th  1400
*25th  1000 1500
26th  1115
27th  1245
28th  1400

The Channel Island puffin breeding colonies are the most southerly in Europe and Herms iconic annual visitors are easily visited by joining our kayak puffin watching trips.

The trips start from our base at Shell beach and travel South past Belvoir bay down to Puffin Bay (where else!)  The small groups are led by an expert kayak instructor and puffin watcher who knows the movements and routines of the puffins intimately as well as the waters around Herm and outlying islets.


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