Guernsey’s network of Ruette Tranquil’s, Green lanes, Water lanes, tracks and bridleways are perfect for exploring the hidden gems of our unique Norman French culture, turbulent history of Piracy and invasion, and of course the beauty of our very sleepy country parishes. Each tour has a different focus and will visit a selection of our finest off the beaten track attractions and a few of our really famous ones too!


West Coast Tour: Starting at L’Eree we explore ancient monuments, military forts and bunkers, local legends, coastal and inland lanes.

East/West tour: starting in ‘Town’ Investigate the maritime history and turbulent times of Guernsey’s past and contrast beauty of both the East,West and Northern beaches as well as the Inland lanes.

All along the Watchtowers: Cycle exploration of South coast high-spots and subterrranea.

There are a huge number of fortifications, watch towers and other lesser known hidey holes used by man throughout the ages on Guernseys South coast. We will seek them out by bike and explore more closely on foot. Guaranteed surprises for the adventurous. (£5 supplement)

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