We’ve teamed up with Kristine of SUP Yoga Guernsey to offer outdoor SUP Yoga this year. The sessions are 75 minutes and comprises safe board handling and paddling skills, paddling out to our anchor line, we clip-in, enjoy a fun and safe practice of SUP Yoga, before a gentle paddle back to shore. During a SUP Yoga class we’ll practice mindful breathing (pranayama), physical poses beginning with warm-ups (asanas), a little mediation (dhyana), finishing with relaxation.

SUP Yoga is all about balance, endurance and strength-training. You get to train your core and increase stamina without even realising it! You remain mindful of your breathing throughout practice, focussing on your breath helps to anchor your attention and awareness to your practice and helps to reduce fluctuations of the mind.

At nearly 90cm’s thick and 10”6’ long the boards are extremely stable platforms, however, the body considers it an unstable surface due to the water beneath and engages your proprioceptor muscles, you voluntarily and involuntarily engage muscles that you’re not even aware of which are helping to keep you upright and stable on the board. This muscle contraction inherently helps you to develop strength, endurance and balance. SUP Yoga is physically low impacting, emotionally calming, spirituality uplifting, and energetically charging, classes are safe, relaxing, and fun!